Battery Pack Configurations

Custom battery pack configurations are how the individual battery cells are connected together to create a complete battery pack assembly. There are many different battery pack configurations that need to be considered when designing a battery pack for your end product.

Below you will find some standard battery pack configurations.

Linear or F Type

Linear or F Type Battery Pack Configuration

Note that the straps will both come off the top when there are an even number of cells, and one off the top, the other off the bottom when there is an odd number of cells. With a connector and heat shrink wrap they look like this:

Linear Custom Battery Pack

Multi-Row Cells

Cubic or Composite F Type

Cubic or Composite F Type Battery Pack Configuration

Custom Battery Pack

Nested Type Cells

Nested Custom Battery Pack Configuration

Nested Battery Pack Configuration

Circular Type Cells

Custom Battery Pack

Linear or L-Type Cells

This is a stack of cells end to end.

End to End Battery Pack Configuration

These are usually constructed by standing two cells side-by-side, and welding a nickel strip across the terminals. The cells are bent end to end by bending the nickel strip in a "U" shape. Allow a thickness increase of ½ to 1 mm per junction for this.

End to End Battery Pack Configuration

Construction of Battery Packs

Battery Pack Construction

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